Clyde O. Martz Teaching AwarD

Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation

Natural Resources Law Teaching

In order to be eligible, a nominee shall have performed meritorious teaching of the law of natural resources or natural resources development to students in either classroom setting or in presentations given at short courses or institutes under the auspices of the Foundation or similar not-for-profit organizations. In determining eligibility, excellence in teaching performance shall be the primary criterion for the award and consideration shall be given to the fostering of a broad understanding of the law, mentoring of students, and innovative style together with any other teaching qualities as may be determined to be relevant by the Selection Committee.

1994: Howard R. Williams (Stanford); Charles J. Meyers, Jr. (Stanford); Richard C. Maxwell (Duke)

1998: Ernest E. Smith (Texas)

2004: Harrison C. Dunning (UC Davis); Don H. Sherwood (Adjunct, Denver)

2007: Bruce M. Kramer (Texas Tech); Robert E. Beck (So. Illinois)

2008: George Gould (McGeorge); Robert Keiter (Utah)

2009: David Getches (Colorado); Pat Martin (LSU)

2010: Doug Grant (UNLV); Amy Kelley (Gonzaga)

2011: Clayton Parr (Adjunct, Utah); Owen Anderson (Oklahoma)

2012: David E. Pierce (Washburn); Mark S. Squillace (CU)

2013: John S. Lowe (SMU)

2014: Alastair R. Lucas (Calgary); Jacqueline L. Weaver (Houston)

2015: David R. Percy (Alberta); John C. Lacy (Adjunct, Arizona)

2016: Robert J. Glennon (Arizona); Kendor P. Jones (Adjunct, Denver)