My work is premised on an understanding that all living things are inherently connected to the natural environment in which they live, in ways that matter for law and policy. My life is devoted to reshaping law to integrate a more moral and biologically accurate understanding of humans’ role in the world.

I theorize that law—which I define broadly to include: statutes, common law, religious principles, traditional ecological knowledge, norms, and certain mathematical equations—is a distillation of biologically ingrained rules for interacting with other living things. Under this view, law merely expresses these principles in the language of socially dominant groups of humankind, and is created through a process of accretion for intergenerational transfer of the knowledge. I am particularly interested in the parallel wisdom absent from formal law but present among non-socially dominant groups, including women and rural populations. I theorize that public law depends upon counterbalancing extralegal rules and systems that operate as parallel systems of governance.

I grew up in a rural former lumber mill town in the Pacific Northwest and have since lived in the Midwest, South, East Coast, and Southwest regions of the United States. I enjoy skiing, hiking, trail running, scuba diving, and yoga.

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